Mehlika Tanriverdi

Her Handwriting

Paper, Wood, colours, Pigments, shellac, pouring, burning, painting

Her handwriting consists of playful, light contours placed in an ornamental or changing environment in various color nuances. She translates her style into new compositions and materials. The love for the changeability of the material led to an abundance of technical processes that give Tanriverdi's oeuvre a unique value.


The classic work on canvas is expanded to include the use of paper. When dealing with a special modification of hand-made paper, wafer-thin image carriers are created, which are colored and mounted on canvases. The special feel of the material captures the atmosphere of your motifs and picture themes and reinforces them. Her reduced contours are partly burned into the picture carrier or painted on with a color pigment she developed from coffee grounds.
The sensual access to the world is reflected in a sensual examination of the material.

Being you

The attempts to define the term art are numerous and will not be listed here in detail. Let us follow the thought that art and culture are the “mastering of our search for self-determination” (Prof. Dr. Markus Gabriel) - that is, they should help to answer the questions “Who or why am I?” - then art helps us through this approach to self-determination, we are approaching a state of freedom. If we look at the “art of ease” under this aspect, one can summarize: Mehlika Tanriverdi explores the possibilities of individual freedom together with everyone who wants to participate.

"yay!!!! by the way, I don't think I told you this. Buying the painting from you of the tightrope walker was a huge step for me. A totally uncomfortable one. To invest in something that I like ... and where you don't see the "sense" behind it. and also where our turnover was not so good because I was on maternity leave etc. But: March 2020 was our all time highest month of turnover ... and the months after that also very good ... oops ... "🙂

Sophie H.

"Das Bild ist so unendlich wunderschön und es strahlt so eine wahnsinnig schöne positive Energie aus. Es tut mir persönlich unendlich gut und es gibt mir wahnsinnig viel Kraft und löst wunderschöne Gefühle im Herzen aus. Jeden Abend liege ich auf dem Bett und schau mir das Bild an wenn S. im Bad ist. Das tut wahnsinnig gut und füllt mein Herz mit Freude, liebe und Glückseligkeit."

Andreas E.

"juhuu!!! übrigens, ich glaub ich hab dir das nicht erzählt. Das Bild zu kaufen von dir von der Seiltänzerin war ein Riesenschritt für mich. Ein total unbequemer. In etwas zu investieren, was MIR gefällt .. und wo man nicht gleich den "Sinn" dahinter sieht. und auch, wo unser Umsatz grad nicht so gut war, weil ich in Mutterschutz etc. aber: März 2020 war unser all time highest Umsatzmonat ... und die Monate danach auch sehr gut ... ups... "🙂

Sophie H.

"The picture is so infinitely beautiful and it radiates such an incredibly beautiful positive energy. It does me personally infinitely good and it gives me a lot of strength and triggers wonderful feelings in my heart. Every evening I lie on the bed and look at the picture when S. is in the bathroom. It does me a lot of good and fills my heart with joy, love and bliss.

Andreas E.

"Das Bild hängt...höre die Musik hat seine Geschichte...herrlich!!!

Carolin M.

"Liebe Mehlika, vielen Dank und euch Dreien ebenfalls frohe Weihnachtstage!
Meine Schwiegermutter war begeistert von Deinem Bild! Deine Visitenkarte haben wir ihr mitgeschenkt...
Nochmals herzliche Grüße!"

Nicole F.

"The picture hangs...listen to the music to has its story...wonderful!!!


Carolin M.