Make the extraordinary ordinary

My guiding principle for this year is:

Make the extraordinary ordinary!


In this sense - I add to my life, even more beauty and more ease, joy and glory !

How I do that?

I invest in me! I invest in things, experiences and moments that expand my life and show me constantly that I am the creator of my life.

That I have choice & that everything is possible!

This includes: Arts, classes, workshops and also antiques, jewelry, travel, food and so much more.

I bought my first artwork in Peru when I lived in a Hare Krishna temple. At that time a painter who lived there, Nilamani Das, painted a lady with a bouquet of flowers in her arms in oil on canvas. When I left I bought the painting, because it was very large I had it removed from the frame and brought it home in rolled form.

For 10 years now it has been hanging on my wall - and it always reminds me of my strength and potency, of an unforgettable trip around the world and of the fact that we are always just a choice away from our dreams.


What would it be like, if you gifted yourself a work of art ? And every day it told you that everything is possible!

That being happy and having ease is a choice!

If it would remind you every day that you are precious and you invest in yourself and your life, how would that be?

And if this was the beginning of a completely different reality for you?




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